Monday, March 21, 2011

Kichijyoji Park - illustration for mag



Anonymous said...

Good!I like Kichijyouji Park too.Your memory is nice.We are alive in Japa. Wada

Joan Ryckeboer said...

I love the expressions of the characters and the color will coordinate well with the composition of the artwork, good job!

pilipo said...

When I was a child one of the things I liked the most was to feed the ducks.
Near the village of my father in Switzerland there was a big lake. In the
morning after breakfast with my parents we used to feed ducks with pieces
of bread and biscuits advanced or stolen from breakfast.
The holidays in Switzerland with my family remain one of the most beautiful
memories of my childhood.
This illustration is inspired by a park near my home in Japan.Kichijyoji is a city
of Tokyo very popular and loved by the people for its park.There are big carps,
ducks with a long brush behind the head I have never seen before and swan-
shaped boat for lovers.The first time I was at kijijogi I remembered when I was
a kid and Ifelt a deep well.It was two week ago,then I left for a while but I am
sure to return there soon. I dedicate this illustration to my Japanese friends,
especially those who live in this beautiful area of our city.
Wada san,Shimoda san,Matsumura san and Noriko.